The APEX List Systems Clinical Portal gives you secure, swift access

Our healthcare information-sharing technology produces accurate, timely decisions

With the Clinix Healthcare APEX List Systems Clinical Portal, you get 24/7 access to clinical case data, including group contract information, member data, clinical notes and secure messaging and letters. Clinix provides several types of informational activity reports to assist with clinical management, client reporting, state and regulatory reporting requirements and claims data analysis.

How does the APEX List Systems Clinical Portal help you?

  • Internet accessible 24/7
  • Self administration for your staff with multiple user accounts
  • Online case review submission
  • Real time case information and reporting
  • Custom client website integration
  • Updated daily at 11 p.m. EST
  • Equipped with secure messaging capabilities for HIPPA compliance

We also have the ability to exchange data with you for member eligibility, prescription and medical claims and various custom data requests.

We developed an internal technology system that simplifies the exchange and management of healthcare information

Clinix Healthcare’s custom-built Clinical Management System supports our staff’s efforts to increase efficiency and accuracy of healthcare management. Our robust system continues to evolve to meet your need for timely, secure information sharing and compliance with ever-changing, complex industry regulations and accreditations.

Using a fully paperless system, internally tracking the flow of all case management information is simplified. So is retaining and retrieving case records.

Clinix Healthcare Apex Clinical Portal

Our technology system allows Clinix to assist with:

  • HIPPA events tracking and regulatory controls
  • URAC-compliant tracking and auditing controls
  • Paperless document management and electronic fax integration
  • Third-party solutions integration
  • Customized data import/export capability (including EDI X12N)
  • Customized and complex reporting tools

We offer a data management system for organizations with on-site clinics and medical providers. It uses the same core data components as our Clinical Management System to provide a seamless relationship between your medical personnel and our case managers and health coaches.

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